About us

UVClean is a Bulgarian trademark producing in the country. The products with the UVClean label are created by engineers with many years of experience in the field of optical production, as well as in the field of radiation and mechanics.

The leading idea of ​​UV lamps is their purpose for health, namely – high-class disinfection, both for different architectural spaces and surfaces, and for areas in the so-called. „Clean rooms.“

From the idea to the realization, our specialists will make a UV lamp for a commercial area of ​​different sizes, production facilities, hotels, schools, doctor’s offices, restaurants, apartments, offices, etc., with a remote control from a mobile phone or tablet.

At the same time, we are developing specialized UV lighting products to be used for the so-called „Clean rooms“ – sterile lighting in hospital premises, lighting in pharmaceutical plants or chemical laboratories.

UVClean bactericidal lamps, which are displayed on the site for basic models. Our engineers can develop a project to individual order, ie. – different shapes, colors, functionalities and other individual solutions.